What stands between you and your dreams?

Learn to turn on your inner Fire and see your life flourish.

You will be guided through deep alchemical processes to connect with your own Energy in a deep grounded way. You will learn to tune into to your creative Life Stream in order to receive what is rightfully yours: Health, Abundance, Wealth, Love, Peace, Inspiration, Creativity, Power, Passion…

BORN FREE is about manifesting 100% your pure desires. You will be invited to practice daily by connecting to your Soul, using the power of movement and words, and doing your daily imprints into the Manifestation Temple. Julia and Rudi will pass on their practice based on Love, Wisdom and Power.
You will become a part of the community.

You will be inspired to live a soul lead live, feeling expansive and free in everything you do.

The information you received in BORN FREE will be practical and through words, however the reason why this program works deep into your sub-conscious is because you receive energetic waves of love. You will awaken your passion from within, through your own energy, guided by Julia and Rudi, and with the support of the group. This is an alchemical process and it requires you full commitment and daily practice.

This world is Magical, and in your heart you keep the hope of this Truth. As a child, you lived by this Truth. You believed. Now is time to claim this back and make the Law of your Being visible.
The other path is heaviness, burned our and self-violence.
The Path of freedom is one of self-love, abundance, love, peace, beauty, joy lots of joy!

BORN FREE is Julia and Rudi’s 100% Practical Program, 3 months of daily practice reconnecting to your Energy in innocence, desire and freedom.  BORN FREE it’s a journey to your heart, your Truth. You will be attuning to your own ceremony space and you will start expanding your Presence in everything you do. You will start living from your Free Self.

Note: If you are looking to manifest the money to access I TRANSFORM, BORN FREE is a fantastic place to start!
If you are intending to register into I TRANSFORM or have already experienced I TRANSFORM, then BORN FREE is perfect to anchor your vision and fully embody your Highest Identity.

What is included in the program?
>>> x2 monthly live sessions with Julia and Rudi
>>> Learning Manifestation Practice based on Love, Wisdom and Power
>>> Imprinting in Manifestation Temple
>>> Accountability Follow up by team

All live Calls on Wednesdays at 19h CET (every 3 weeks) 
(all sessions are recorded for re-visit in case you missed the session)
Starting Date: 09.03.2022

This in an intense energetic program, that shifts your energy straight away. You will feel empowered and on fire from the first 2 weeks of starting the practice, if not before!

VALUE: £2000

Pay in Instalments: £2000
(payment plan 4 x £500 = £500 Registration + 3 instalments of £500)
Pay in Full: £1500
(25% discount)

Subsequent payments to carry on in the community and the program until desired @ £330/ every 3 months.

READY to live your FREEDOM?


£1500 – Payment offer.

payment plan

£500 deposit + three subsequent payments of £500 (£2000 in total)

If you would to be contacted by email/phone by a member of our team please fill out the form below: