Visionary Leadership Mastermind for soulpreneurs women

Do you want to create a life of unlimited ABUNDANCE, MAGIC and MIRACLES?
Do you want to awaken your SOUL FIRE and feel IN BLISS everyday?

JOIN THE REVOLUTION and start living your wildest dreams NOW!

You have a massive Vision for yourself and humanity, you know you are meant to live in a state of LOVE and WEALTH. You are empowered by your ideas and what you have already accomplished…
However, you want everything to go FASTER and be EASIER.
You are tired of incremental progress and self-limiting ideas that slow you down.
Even with your current success, you know you are only scratching the surface of what you are capable.
The time has come for you to step into Your Greatness HERE and NOW!
Ready to break free from the programmed matrix of this world?

DANCING MILLIONAIRES is Julia’s 8 months Visionary Leadership Program where You get to release everything that is holding you back and you start acting from your deepest Divine Core. 
You will be Initiated into her activation tools, energetic streams and manifestation temple,
where You will create your reality in a free, joyful, easy, fast and explosive way. 
You will learn to connect deeply with your Soul in an intimate, sacred and empowering way.

THIS IS ALL ABOUT ENERGY coming straight from your SOUL.
It’s intense and FULL of FIRE, because only by Embodying Your Fire
you can manifest at a HIGH SPEED. 

The full 8 months of this Mastery program are about PRACTICE
You will be connecting to your own Ceremony space and you will start expanding your Presence in everything you do. You will start living from your Orgasmic Mind, Sensual Body and Loving Heart. Everything you do is SACRED and during these 8 months you will remember the MAGIC that is in you and that You create in each moment. All through the Power of Dance.

There is no time to waste, as Buddha once said:
‘Our problem is that we think we have time’.
NOW is the Time to BE YOUR HIGHEST and nothing less.

The whole world depends on each of us Becoming our Greatest.

You will discover in a visceral way WHO YOU TRULLY ARE, and the whole Universe will stream through you as you Focus your Creative Energy to bring forth your Wildest Dreams.
You will become deeply tuned to your Essence and allow your Soul to guide you.
You will start receiving through your Sacred Fire.

Throughout this program Julia will work closely with you to open up your Heart and connect you to your Soul in such a deep level that your conscious and sub-conscious mind
will up-level to your Highest Purpose in a matter of weeks.
You will learn Julia’s Mastery Practice to keep aligned to your Highest Identity and let go of the logical limited mind. Your days will become an adventure, where you will feel Yourself deeply.
This is the first time Julia will be sharing her Master Practice, fusing together Soul · Heart · Mind · Body
Your energy will be so VISCERALLY FELT that nothing and no-one can take you out of track.

You will learn how to tap into your IMAGINATION in a new multi-dimensional way, freeing up all limitations from your little self. You will receive energetic travel and codes download in order to receive information of the Highest transformation.
You will dive deep into the harmony between Your Divine Feminine and Masculine energies, accelerating Your radiation in this planet.

NOW is the time to receive the stream of ABUNDANCE that is ready for You.
Explode into the World with your POWER and attract what you truly DESIRE.
There is NO LIMIT to what you can accomplish once you feel
your OWN ENERGY STREAMING through YOU, and Julia will show you HOW.

Abundance is your birth right. When you embody your Highest Identity you start activating your Highest Life, which includes receiving your Highest Income. And, the Truth is that the amount of Self-Love will determine the amount of opportunities, quality experiences, health and money you receive. Money doesn’t come through hard work and struggle. It comes through BLISS, JOY and GRATITUDE.
Throughout DANCING MILLIONAIRES we will show you how to attract your Highest Income from your deepest Love towards Yourself, the Universe.


The Goddess lives in full richness: of love, friendships, ideas, inspiration, money, opportunities and health. She nurtures herself and is a light to the world. She taps into the power of her inner alchemy to transcend any resistance and old beliefs. As she awakens the whole world is made Anew.

He walks the path of her Soul, in Love.

Julia knew plenty of manifestation techniques and studied Law of Attraction concepts, however nothing changed until she fully embodied her Power. We all have limiting beliefs about ourselves and what we are able to accomplish, without a coach who is REAL and is not scared to MAKE YOU UNCOMFORTABLE, it is very unlikely you will QUANTUM LEAP in your life.
Because the learned programmes in our sub-conscious mind are very strong and want to pull you back into safety. Doubts kill your dreams and you become complacent where you are, your comfort zone. Without a community of liberated individuals you will go back to society’s rules of limiting living and complaints about your circumstance.
Julia will be guiding you weekly to your freedom, and stop procrastinating and believing mental lies.
It’s time to break free!!!

Julia will go straight into your CORE and let you know where you are holding back and inspire you to JUMP EVERY TIME into the UNKNOWN. Nothing is planned, everything comes from YOUR SOUL.
You will share your Quantum Leap with other successful women who are stepping into their Greatness. You will become a part of a POWERFUL LIBERATED Mastermind of Soulpreneurs women; creating a vortex together of Transformation, Inner Alchemy through the Power of Dance and Fire.

Every Year, Julia is taking only 11 women on a 8 months journey to their highest potential. This is for visionary leaders who are ready to activate their power and attract the life of their dreams.

What is included in DANCING MILLIONAIRES?

>>> Initiation Ceremony Call 1-0-1 with Julia.
>>> Your Soul Code with Julia 1-0-1 call.
>>> Mastery Book with deep explanations of Mastery Practices. 
>>> pre-recorded videos to reprogram your sub-conscious with Codes.
>>>Weekly live coaching Zoom calls with Julia in an intimate group including movement practices and body energetics.
>>> All Energetic Activations from Julia.
>>> Light Codes Transmissions and Sacred Geometry Templates.
>>> Entrance into DANCING MILLIONAIRES Manifestation Temple.
>>> Lifetime Access to the program.
>>> Daily Accountability and personal follow up by Julia.
>>> x2  1- 0 -1 sessions with Julia.
>>> This is Julia’s Highest Program which includes access to any additional supporting material/activations/meditations/content Julia
believes will speed up the individual’s quantum jump.

All live Calls on Sunday at 21:30h CET.
(all sessions are recorded for re-visit in case you miss the session)

Please make sure you allow enough time before and after the live zoom sessions with Julia in order to integrate the information received and the transmission of codes shared.
Pease take each live session as a Sacred Ritual.

Not everyone is ready to step into their Greatness. In this program you will be inspired to let go of the old and only think, feel and act from your TRUTH.


>> You are a Leader.
>> You have a Big Vision you want to bring forth.
>> You are ready to embody your Greatness.
>> You are bold and creative.
>> You know about the New Paradigm and have studied information about manifestation, but you want to PRACTICE it and see exponential and permanent RESULTS in your life Fast and Easy.
>> You are tired of slow results and working hard and are ready for a Quantum Jump.
>> You are willing to invest 20/30min morning and evening to Alchemise your Desires.
>> You are fully committed to creating the life of your dreams.
>> You want to connect deeply with your Body.
>> You are ready to awaken your Spiritual Powers.
>> You want to Create from your Truth.
>> You know there is a message only you can offer to the world.
>> You are ready to activate your soul’s purpose.
>> You are ready to receive your full abundance stream.
>> You want to live in a state of love and gratitude.
>> You are ready to consciously walk Your Sacred Path.

This program is NOT for you if you:

X Are looking for a quick fix.
X Are not willing to put in the inner work.
X Don’t want to experience massive FAST SPEED positive changes in your life.
X Don’t want to connect to Spirit.
X Don’t want Miracles to happen in your life.

Start manifesting a life of Abundance, Love, Ecstasy and Fulfilment all from your HEART.

You can only access DANCING MILLIONAIRES through application. All interested individuals will require to have an Introductory Live video Call with Julia.
This program is the result of THE most POWERFUL KNOWLEDGE Julia gathered, channeled and received from both the physical and spiritual realms.

DANCING MILLIONAIRES has already started,
please register your interest below for upcoming openings.


(payment in 10 instalments)


(payment in full)

DANCING MILLIONAIRES will increase its fee for 2023 and beyond.

On fire to join Julia’s Visionary Leadership Program?
Fill out the form below and we will get in contact with you.

Answering Your Questions:

What is Your Soul Code?
Your Soul Code, downloaded together with Julia, is a vibrational key to your heart that is transmitted by your Soul so you can remember Who You Are. Your Soul Code is a crucial key to your Morning and Evening Mastery Practice.

Why does the program have this cost?
DANCING MILLIONAIRES is Julia’s Visionary Leadership Program, the highest program Julia offers. Julia’s personal investment in you guarantees your results. You will receive personal attention and guidance from Julia weekly to secure your success throughout the process. The results that you will experience will be exponentially higher to your investment. You have access to all the resources for a lifetime. 

How will I receive the material?
Live Zoom calls with Julia will quick off form the 1st day of starting DANCING MILLIONAIRES, and happen twice a week during the whole program. In this call is where the MAGIC happens.
You will have a Ceremony call with her and she will explain the Mastery Practice.
The Mastery Book with all the Mastery Practices explained will be sent by email for download, after your Ceremony Call. All additional material will be shared through the FB Group or Email, with private access to Vimeo video recordings. End 2022, all content will be shifted to the new HUMANHOOD’s website where you will have access to your private account with all the information available indefinitely.

How much time investment will DANCING MILLIONAIRES require?
The more you put in the more you will get out. It is recommended to watch the pre-recorded videos (up to 15min) once or twice a week AT LEAST. The Mastery Practice is 30mins of your MOST INTENSE ENERGY both morning and evening. For best results, it is important to have in mind that this is a life practice, you are about to enter a sacred group of liberated women and your energy needs to keep HIGH and INTENSE to receive the highest streams of love and abundance. When you embody your Highest Identity you are activating this energy AT ALL TIMES.  

Can I be a part of DANCING MILLIONAIRES if I am a man?
Contact us or fill out the form for more specific information about this.

If you are ready to live your BEST life don’t delay anymore, contact me and let’s FLY together!

With Love and Light,