I transform

Uncover your highest purpose and embody it to live a truly abundant and magical life

Julia Robert and Rudi Cole, also know as HUMANHOOD, have created 3 successful companies, including the global success HUMANHOOD Dance Company, bringing revolutionary experiences that empower human consciousness. With more than 20 years of expertise in the field of dance, including their leading movement practice Weflow, together with their knowledge and application of creative principles, spiritual law and embodied energetics they have developed a profound and effective method combining mind-body-spirit to guide students into creating a truly abundant and magical life. The power, wisdom and generosity Julia and Rudi radiate have catapulted many of their students in to their biggest dreams, some of which never thought were possible before enrolling into I TRANSFORM.

I TRANSFORM was created with the desire to share the most powerful information and embodied practices Julia & Rudi ever learned and discovered, which have played a vital role in the achievement of their personal and professional goals as well as creating a life they are deeply in love with.
The aim of this program is to bring back the power and freedom to ambitious individuals who know they are meant for more, helping them to step into their fullest potential by embodying it and become an example of what humanity is capable of.

“Many of our students and clients are creative and ambitious individuals who know about the manifestation process however they haven’t seen the big changes in their life they expected because they haven’t fully embodied their knowledge (yet!). Unless you change, nothing in your life changes.
Through I TRANSFORM we guide our students to connect with their body as a portal for their greatest expression and this embodiment allows everything to happen. You get to go from knowing about your power to becoming your power to experiencing the effects of your power. When you choose to truly embody this power, expect magic, miracles and mystic experiences, your life can never be the same. As you journey through your process of transformation you will be challenged, supported and celebrated by us and our intimate community.” – Julia & Rudi

You can feel there is much more to life than what you are currently experiencing, however are you still figuring out how to tap into your full power and allow true success, beautiful magic and real abundance to enter your life? Either you are new to the manifestation process or you ‘know a lot’ but haven’t embodied what you know (yet), Julia & Rudi will guide you through the mindset, the energetics and most important the embodiment (which is what makes the difference between those who live their dreams and those who wish they would happen).
Unless we connect deeply with our body, work with its energy, awaken its power and transform its expression nothing of what you know will truly affect your life. And, this is why a lot of frustration is experienced by intelligent individuals who understand the work/play but haven’t fully embody it.
We personally relate to our body as a Portal to infinite potential, beyond the known, through which. we have access to the energy that moves us and gives us life to create anything we deeply desire. This is the work/play of the cosmic dancer, the alchemist, the artist, the creator of realities. This journey is profound and requires you to have an open mind, an honest heart and a willingness to connect with your body through movement.

Through this one-of-its-kind 3/6 months intensive course and live embodied/movement sessions and Q&As with Julia & Rudi, you will learn to tap into your inner power and truly embody your greatest purpose in order to achieve great things in life. You will learn to dream bigger than you have ever allowed yourself before, and you will understand what it takes to be a deliberate co-creator in order to bring abundance, success and magic in to your life, by embodying it. You will learn to transform your mindset and the way you see yourself, in order to make courageous and inspired decisions that will catapult you into your vision. You will embody the unique place you hold in this universe and experience how to openly tap into life’s creative flow so you can live and create with intention, joy and grace. You will be inspired to embody your knowing and be the change you want to see in your life.

I TRANSFORM is also available as a self-study 3 months program (instead of 6 months), which doesn’t include the 2 embodied/movement and coaching sessions per month which is where most of the transformation happens. The self-study program includes only 1 Q&A live session a month with Julia and Rudi. Some individuals have opted for the self-study option. All of the individuals who have completed the 6 months I TRANSFORM program with Julia & Rudi have transform themselves and their life in an extraordinary way.

Learn from visionaries, Julia Robert and Rudi Cole, who will share their insights and expertise on how to embody your power and create a life you are fully in love with.

When does the next I TRANSFORM starts?
Next I TRANSFORM starting date is 6th of November 2022, but you will have access to the pre-recorded videos and workbook program from the time you purchase it. All live online sessions with Julia &Rudi will happen every Sunday at 19h Central European Time. In order to book your place in the next I TRANSFORM, please make sure you secure the deposit or full payment as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee everyone’s place in this program as places are subject to availability.

How will I receive the material?
Once you are part of the I TRANSFORM, you will have access to the learning portal where you will be guided through the course. The timeline will shift from Unit to Unit; you will be able to access the following Unit once you have deeply embodied the previous one (approx. 2 weeks each). The Journal Book with all the I TRANSFORM foundational content will be available for download from the learning platform before the course starts, together with the Welcoming preparatory information on how to get the most out of this program. All additional material and bonuses are available for download from the learning platform.

How much time investment will I TRANSFORM require?
The more you put in the more you will get out. It is recommended to watch the pre-recorded videos (up to 20 min) once or twice a week. I TRANSFORM partners & mini-groups will be created to ensure mutual accountability during the program and beyond. For best results, it is important to have in mind that this is an awakening practice inspiring a new life-style. You are about to start a process of Transformation that will transform how you live each moment of your life. When you embody your Highest Identity you are activating this energy at all times.

How much live time will I be having with Rudi and Julia?
You will have 3 live online sessions per month, which will include embodied/movement exercises and Q&As, up to 1h:15min each with Julia and Rudi. These sessions are very powerful as you will be sharing your energy directly with Julia and Rudi and they will be guiding you through transformative processes connecting with the energy of your body and unleashing your movement for real change. These sessions also include mindset upgrades which will bring about a shift in your state of consciousness so you can grow beyond your current reality.

‘I am so thankful for all the magnificent things that are flowing into my life since I joined I TRANSFORM and started to know and embody this information. So enriching and powerful. My life has changed forever, no words could describe the impact this program has had in my life. ‘
– Romee; Netherlands
(Dancer and Creative)

‘I TRANSFORM has been a breakthrough in my life. I previously had done courses in Mindvalley and knew about the manifestation process, however nothing really sinked in my body and transformed me. On the 4th month of I TRANSFORM, everything clicked for me, I started to fully embody the information and things in my life started to change so fast. My hotel became fully booked, I found an amazing team that I could trust and I went from being confused about my business and future to seeing it bloom.’
– Cristina; Germany/Spain
(Business owner and sailer)

‘Since I started I TRANSFORM, my life is transforming everyday!
As I wake up in the morning I start my day setting my intention to transform, I choose to practice the tools I learned during I TRANSFORM to let my energy flow freely and this is creating miracles in my life. I now have courage to dream big without being limited by money. Before starting I TRANSFORM, I had the dream to visit Africa and learn from the best dance professionals, and after my mentoring session with Julia I directly received an opportunity to go to the greatest school in Senegal (School des Sables), like magic!’
– Somohon; Israel
(Dancer, Shaman Woman)

I TRANSFORM has clarified my life, both at a professional level and at a family / social level, setting up my real priorities. I have been able to visualise and feel which were the important actions that I must take in purpose, always from the inside, taking the initiative and enhancing my capacities for creation and self-realisation. Amazing, impressive, practical, decisive, highly recommended for executives, creatives and entrepreneurs.
– Vicenç; Barcelona
(Industrial Engineer, Emotional Regulation / TIPI Specialist)

I TRANSFORM has changed my life forever. I came from a place of doubt and confusion and now I find myself in a place of trust, knowing and conviction. My inner change has being so profound that I don’t even recognise the limited me I was before. From the moment I started this journey with Julia and Rudi everyday has been full of powerful discoveries and surprises. Stepping into myself to explore and celebrate me, everyday I spend on this beautiful planet, is the biggest adventure I could ever imagine in my life. Julia and Rudi, I thank you from deep inside my soul for having given me my power back and show me again the magic I had forgotten.
– Sait; Germany
(Dancer and Circus Artist)

All Transformation starts with a decision!

We have spent a great part of our life travelling the world and questioning our potential as creative human beings. We knew that there was more to life than what we were conditioned to believe. And, through a commitment to self-growth and a continual search for Truth (with a capital ‘T’) we came to the understanding that inner change is what is necessary for a real transformation.

After years of struggle and exhausting hours of labour to achieve what we believed was success, we realised that this was only a consensual path to burn out. 

We chose differently…

We finally made the decision to deeply invest in ourselves and learn to grow from the inside out, listening to our bodies, learning about our minds, connecting with our spirits and tapping into our true potential. Since then we have been on a journey around the world connecting with ancient cultures and tribes, tapping into powerful knowledge and experiencing revolutionary mystical practices.

However, throughout our learning process, we realised that in the Western approach to coaching and mindset development there was a missing link between the knowledge held in the mind and the embodiment of it through our physicality. As professional dancers and internal martial arts practitioners we started dedicating our daily research to fully connect with the energy field of our bodies and translate new thought ideas into a physical experience.

Being able to experience the power inherent in the cosmos through your own body, not only allows you to feel wonderfully fulfilled in the preset moment but also helps you develop an inner trust and confidence in the magic and wonders of the Universe.
We decided to take on the challenge to bridge the gap between new ideas held in the mind and their embodiment through our physical experience as human beings.

It is our passion to bring this knowledge to the world and inspire people to fully embody their greatness; for everybody, including yourself, to live the life you truly deserve & desire.
If we work together you are set for Greatness!

With Love and Light,

Julia Robert & Rudi Cole

for queries please email us at events@humanhood.net