I transform


Do you believe in Quantum Jumps?
In tapping into Infinite Potential?
We do, and we have set our souls to share this knowledge with those who are ready to be initiated into this life changing information and practices. 

You can feel there is much more to life than what you are currently experiencing, however are you still figuring out how to tap into your full power, without inhibitions and mental plans? 
If you are still tolerating hustle, struggle, pushing for things to happen, hoping to get what you want, hiding behind a mask, waiting for the perfect relationship, being insecure about your future, wanting things but not actually living them, suppressing your true energy, feeling tired, complaining about things not going your way…
We are here to tell you that THERE IS ANOTHER WAY, a way of ease and flow, where you get to break free from your constraints and start living on your own terms,
creating a life of Trust, Freedom and AbunDance. 

You can be, do or have anything and we will show you HOW.
It all has to do with the way you think, feel and act. You might believe you don’t have any power about this, but you have complete command over your energy, and in this depends your success and freedom!

I TRANSFORM is Julia & Rudi’s signature Program, where you will discover ancient knowledge and powerful energetic practices that will open up a new way of life for you. During this 6 or 12 months program you will be closely mentored by us, and our team, to fully unlock your limiting beliefs and old patterns and start securing your success from within. You will also become a part of a highly successful community made up of individuals who are here to make a difference.
This is for people who want MORE FOR THEIR LIFE and are not afraid to go for it! 

Why this is our Signature Program? Because it gives the essential tools, practices and knowledge to bring order into your mind and unlock the energy within your body, so you can start creating the life of your dreams from a place of intention, openness and trust. And, it is the most cost-effective way to work closely with us and receive personal coaching from our team.

We want our mind to be a conduit for life power to flow through us, when we are too much in our thoughts we block our natural state of flow and creativity. Through this program you will be able to understand where you are at, go past your mental limitations and start tapping into your heart’s purpose. You will realise so much about how your mind functions that you will become unstoppable. 

You will create your personalised blueprint to bring power and purpose into your life, and become magnetic for everything you want. You will shift from I can’t to I CAN, I WILL, I AM!

Throughout this program we will tell you all about the mind and emotions, so you can start being in command of your life instead of reactive to your circumstances. We will break down complex manifestation concepts into clear and precise information that will give you a powerful understanding of why your life is going the way it is going. And, provide the life long tools to TRANSFORM and create the desired permanent results. We will be sharing both mental concepts, physical practices and energetic tools that will support your transformation on all layers of your Being. I TRANSFORM will not only impact your life but also the life of those around you.

I TRANSFORM takes you on a journey where you will be learning the Laws of the Universe, intentionally develop your Higher Mental Faculties, fully apply the true Creative Process, receive Your Vision and start Embodying your Higher Self. 

Throughout the program you will be participating on live sessions with Julia and Rudi, where you will connect with the physicality of your body, your energetic field and receiving transformational information that have catapulted their life towards success and abundance. The live sessions are channelled and are specifically created to increase the energetic vortex of the group.
You will be also receiving accountability sessions with reduced groups with your designated Accountability Coach, to make sure you are being supported throughout your transformation.

Together with your Work-Book full of powerful material and life changing information, you will receive weekly pre-recorded videos to dive into the material at your own pace. A crucial part of the program are the Activations, Meditations and Transmissions where you will tap into your intuition and magical powers. 

What is included in the program?

>>> Work Book with more than 80 pages of gold information (10 Units). 
>>> 10 pre-recorded videos with Julia & Rudi to dive deeper into the secrets of each Unit.
>>> Forth-nightly live Zoom calls with Julia and Rudi.
>>> Forth-nightly with your designated Accountability Coach in small groups.
>>> In Total you will have 1 live session a week throughout the duration of the program.
>>> 3+ Energetic Activations recordings.
>>> Entrance into I Transform Private Facebook Group.
>>> 3 years access to the program.

All live Calls on Sundays at 19h CET
(all sessions are recorded for re-visit in case you miss the session)


>> Influential Vibrations methods.
>> Abundance audio recording session.
>> 8 steps to Manifestation
>> Re-writing limiting beliefs hypnosis.
We are continuously creating content as it flows through us,
so expect much more throughout the program!


We don’t hold back, if you join any of our programs you will get information as it is channelled through us! We understand that transformation doesn’t happen overnight, however it can happen super FAST, and when it happens fast it is because you are free of any pressure, you are free to be you and enjoy your own rhythm. Pushing doesn’t do it, Flowing allows it!
This is why even if the program is packed with information and practices, it allows you the time you need for the energetic shift to happen inside you. 

We know that if you are Here it is for a Reason, we don’t believe in coincidences, you attracted this into your life! However we want to make sure this program is the perfect fit for you and that you will FULLY TRANSFORM during this program…

I TRANSFORM is for You if:

>> You have a Massive Vision and ready to bring it to life
>> You know you have a Big potential within you and looking to express it
>> You have a creative mind – we all do 😀 !
>> You have been on the manifestation path and want to exponentially improve your results
>> You are tired of slow results and working hard and are ready for a Quantum Jump
>> You are willing to invest the time and resources to Transform your life
>> You are committed to creating the life of your dreams
>> You want to connect deeply with your Body
>> You are ready to release what doesn’t serve you
>> You want to become a deliberate creator
>> You know there is a message only you can offer to the world
>> You desire to be a part of a Powerful community

This program is NOT for you if you:

X Are looking for a quick easy fix
X Are not willing to put in the inner work
X Don’t want to experience massive positive changes in your life
X You are stubborn in the current way you see yourself and the world
X Don’t want to grow

During our paths of growth and transformation we have learned and applied multiple healing modalities and energetic practices, investing years of our lives and hundreds of thousands of pounds. This program is the result of some of the most powerful knowledge we gathered, channeled and received from both the physical and spiritual realms. If you are ready to commit to your Transformation, we are ready to guide you through this once of a life-time process!

There are up to two rounds of I TRANSFORM per year (sometimes 1 round only), each with a limited number of people to ensure every participants gets personalised guidance. 
Next Round of I TRANSFORM starts before June 2022.

12 months (full year) > £10000
£9500 when payed in full
6 months > £6000 (£8000 after 31st May 2022)
£5500 when payed in full (before 31st May)

Payment Plans:

12 months > £10000
£2000 deposit + 10 payments of £800/month (best value!)


6 months > £6000
£1500 deposit + 5 payments of £900/month.

If you enrol in I TRANSFORM you will automatically receive 50% off the entry fee for BORN FREE

.Start transforming NOW and create YOUR EMPOWERED LIFE.


12 months / 1 year!

£9500 – comes with BORN FREE program for free, available until the 11th February.

12 months / 1 year!
payment plan

£2000 deposit
+ ten subsequent payments of £800 (£10000 in total)

6 months

£5500 – comes with BORN FREE program for free, available until the 11th February.

6 months
payment plan

£1500 deposit
+ five subsequent payments of £900 (£6000 in total)

Fill out the form below to register your interest and a member of our team will get in contact with you.



Answering Your Questions:

How will I receive the material?
Once you are part of the I Transform, you will have access to the learning portal where you will be guided through the course. The timeline will shift from Unit to Unit; you will be able to access the following Unit once we have deeply embodied the previous one. The Journal Book with all the I Transform foundational content will be available for download from the learning platform, one week before we start, together with the Welcoming pack (how to get the most out of this program!). All additional material and bonuses will be posted on the learning platform.

How much time investment will I TRANSFORM require?
The more you put in the more you will get out. It is recommended to watch the pre-recorded videos (up to 20min) once or twice a week. Mastermind and study partners will be created to ensure mutual accountability. For best results, it is important to have in mind that this is a life practice, you are about to start a process of Transformation that will transform how you live each moment of your life. When you embody your Highest Identity you are activating this energy at all times.  


‘ Since I started I TRANSFORM program, my life is transforming everyday!
As I wake up in the morning I start my day setting my intention to transform, I choose what I give my attention to, I choose my Self Truth everyday, asking myself Who am I ? I choose to trust life and to practice the tools I learned during I TRANSFORM program to let my energy flow freely and this it is creating MIRACLES in my Life. I now have courage to dream BIG with not become limited by money. I wanted to visit Africa as part of my transformative journey, and after speaking with Julia I chose a day I will flight to Africa 08.08.2022 and directly received an opportunity to go to the greatest school in Senegal, like magic!’
– Somohon; Israel
(Dancer, Shaman Woman)

The I Transform program has excited me because it has clarified my life, both at a professional level and at a family / social level, setting up my real priorities, because I have been able to visualise and feel which were the important actions that I must take and go for them, always from inside of myself, taking the initiative and enhancing my capacities for creation and self-realisation. Amazing, impressive, practical, decisive, highly recommended for executives and free professionals.
– Vicenç; Barcelona
(Industrial Engineer, Emotional Regulation / TIPI Specialist, https://www.linkedin.com/in/vicensrobert/)

I TRANSFORM Program has changed my life forever. I came from a place of doubt and confusion and now I find my self in a place of trust, knowing and conviction. My inner change has being so profound that I don’t even recognise the limited me I was before. From the moment I started this journey with Julia and Rudi everyday has been full of powerful discoveries and surprises. Stepping into myself to explore and celebrate me, everyday I spend on this beautiful planet, is the biggest adventure I could ever imagine in my life. Julia and Rudi, I thank you from deep inside my soul for having given me my power back and show me again the magic I had forgotten.
– Sait, Germany
(Dancer and Circus Artist)


About Us…

Julia Robert & Rudi Cole


All Transformation starts with a decision!

We have spent a great part of our life travelling the world and questioning our potential as creative human beings. We knew that there was more to life than what we were conditioned to believe. And, through a commitment to self-growth and a continual search for Truth (with a capital ‘T’) we came to the understanding that inner change is what is necessary for a real transformation.

After years of struggle and exhausting hours of labour to achieve what we believed was success, we realised that this was only a consensual path to burn out. 

We chose differently…

We finally made the decision to deeply invest in ourselves and learn to grow from the inside out, listening to our bodies, learning about our minds, connecting with our spirits and tapping into our true potential. Since then we have been on a journey around the world connecting with ancient cultures and tribes, tapping into powerful knowledge and experiencing revolutionary mystical practices.

However, throughout our learning process, we realised that in the Western approach to coaching and mindset development there was a missing link between the knowledge held in the mind and the embodiment of it through our physicality. As professional dancers and internal martial arts practitioners we started dedicating our daily research to fully connect with the energy field of our bodies and translate new thought ideas into a physical experience.

Being able to experience the power inherent in the cosmos through your own body, not only allows you to feel wonderfully fulfilled in the preset moment but also helps you develop an inner trust and confidence in the magic and wonders of the Universe.
We decided to take on the challenge to bridge the gap between new ideas held in the mind and their embodiment through our physical experience as human beings.

It is our passion to bring this knowledge to the world and inspire people to fully embody their greatness; for everybody, including yourself, to live the life you truly deserve & desire.
If we work together you are set for Greatness!

With Love and Light,

Julia Robert & Rudi Cole